Screenwriter Mackenzie Rohan is a former musical theater nerd, Catholic school kid, and endless optimist. Rohan’s writing focuses on female-driven, coming-of-age comedies that challenge the traditional stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves.

A graduate of Syracuse University’s Department of Drama (BFA), she can be seen on screen in Hulu's The Binge for a sensational seven seconds and has worked as a Set Production Assistant for Disney+, an Art Production Assistant for TikTok, and a Locations Production Assistant for Ondamax Films. Her work has appeared in The Rumpus and PBS’s American Portrait: A National Storytelling Project.

Outside of writing, Rohan has worked as a passionate performing arts teacher, savvy social media manager, overwhelmed researcher, nurturing nanny, and creative copywriter. A San Francisco native, and first-generation Irish-American, Rohan lives and works in Los Angeles.

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